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The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund (the “Fund”) has changed its Transfer Agent (“TA”) from TokenSoft Transfer Agency, LLC (“TTA”) to Securitize, LLC (“Securitize”). Please check your email for more detailed information regarding this transition. This portal is no longer active. To create or continue your account with Arca Labs please visit https://invest.arcalabs.com/#/login

As part of the transition, the Fund’s existing digital asset securities (“ArCoin”) balances that are outstanding have been burned and reissued under a new token contract to each shareholder. In order to view ArCoin balances in your wallet, each shareholder will be required to obtain a Securitize iD as well as provide Arca, via the Securitize Portal, with a wallet address to which the newly minted ArCoin will be delivered, if you have not created an account at this time your tokens are being held in book entry form. As part of this process, all investors using a Tokensoft Investor Accounts (TIA) will be required to use a different wallet.

The following steps will be required of each ArCoin holder. Please see your email for more detailed instructions on how to complete the following required steps:
1. Create a Securitize iD account to connect to the new Arca Investor Dashboard. See email from Securitize titled “Invitation to the Arca Dashboard” for further information.
2. Enter a wallet address into the Securitize iD account to authorize it for the re-issuance of ArCoin.
3. For current TIA wallet holders, you will need to provide a new wallet for the re-issuance of ArCoin resulting from the Fund’s TA transition.

In the event you have any questions, please feel free to contact representatives of the Arca US Treasury Fund at [email protected] [email protected]

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